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The most important information about us and our offers

Our offers: Our regular activities

-The Positive Stammtisch

our leisure activities: 

We meet every Tuesday from 19:30. We are happy to have found a Restaurant that in the heart of the Glockenbachviertel.. With (Location will follow), we have consciously chosen a place that is open to everyone. With delicious food and a diverse range of drinks, we look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces. On these evenings, we want to foster and further develop togetherness in an informal atmosphere. The fun is clearly in the foreground on these evenings. If you don't find us right away, just ask the friendly staff.

We look forward to new participants.

A warm welcome!

-The positive bar

at the SUB

Every 3rd Friday of the month from 19:00 we work voluntarily, with (obviously) a lot of fun behind the counter. In the meantime, we have become an integral part of Munich's nightlife scene. Just come to Sub as a guest and enjoy the evening with us. We are also happy about new people who support us at the bar.

For more than nine years, people with HIV and their friends have been showing their faces behind the bar at Sub, Munich's gay communication and cultural centre. What was viewed sceptically at the beginning has developed into a real classic. Many guests and the Sub itself appreciate the Positive Counter and our commitment. The topic of HIV has thus found a firm place in the middle of the Munich community. The visibility of us HIV-positive people at the Positive Bar actively reduces prejudices.

-Group Meeting

Münchner Positive

Every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm, the core team meets at Sub for a working meeting. We coordinate our tasks and plan and organize new events.


Participants are very welcome.

Please contact us before.

focus on 
the positive

Our offers: Online consulting

Counseling is first provided online, anonymously and free of charge. An answer will be given after 24 hours at the latest and will be continued by telephone if necessary. Engelbert (on the right in the picture), representing Siegi (not in the picture), has been advising on HIV therapy for 20 years, regularly attends the important HIV congresses and is a member of the German Expert Network HIV/Hepatitis e.V. and a board member of Projekt Information e.V. Engelbert has been HIV-positive for 34 years and has been taking HIV therapy for 24 years. 

HIV therapy counseling

After a positive test result, your HIV counsellor will recommend HIV therapy. HIV treatment is a lifelong affair so far. There are some things to keep in mind and we think, every HIV-positive person should be familiar with their therapy:

  • When do I start therapy?
  • Which is the best therapy for me?
  • What can I do about side effects?
  • What is the HIV multiplication cycle?
  • Do I have to take my medication every day?
  • What can I do to help myself?

PrEP counseling

PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis or the "pill before") is another way to reliably protect yourself from HIV infection, in addition to condoms and protection through therapy!

Our PrEP counselling is an online service where our PrEP counsellor Engelbert will give you competent and reliable advice.

PrEP involves taking HIV medication (2 active substances) to protect against HIV infection. 




We celebrate5 years of Münchner Positive

The Munich Positives have now been around for 5 years. We are very proud of what we have achieved in the last few years. You can see a small overview of what we have achieved as a self-help group and what issues we are concerned about in our anniversary film. With all our commitment, fun and togetherness are particularly important to us. Watch the film and even better, just come to our Positive Stammtisch and get to know us. We look forward to meeting you. To the next 5 years.


 Your Munich Positives

We are: Self-confident, active and independent

We Munich Positives are a network of HIV-positive women and men and their friends, which actively supports the interests of HIV-positive people. Through public activities we interfere as experts in our own cause. We keep ourselves up to date medically by attending congresses and further training. We from the core team are also networked nationwide with other groups in the HIV community, among others through the network.

We raise our voices in a self-determined way on issues that are important to us. It helps that we are politically independent and have a purely voluntary structure. 


Relatives and friends also support us - regardless of whether they live with or without HIV. 

Our objectives are:

  1. To create visibility for people living with HIV in order to combat discrimination and stigma and to counteract self-stigma.
  2. To achieve a high level of current knowledge about HIV among the population.
  3. Counselling and information for positive and negative people, because the topic still concerns everyone. This includes prevention activities.
  4. Establish an independent and non-partisan group in which HIV is a focal point and which acts in a competent and self-determined manner. 
  5. Build a network also on a personal level, like at our weekly regulars' table and other leisure activities. You too can join in and help shape this.

We are affiliated

with the "Projekt Information e.V.", an association with the motto "Those affected inform those affected". This includes committed people from the fields of medicine, law, sociology and psychology.

We are a member

of " e.V." - Independent Positive Network Germany.

Our pages on Facebook: @positivemuc

We are also on Instagram.

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